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About Us

Our goal is always to make sure your insurance fits you and provides the best possible value and service. We believe that if we provide that kind of service and value, we will earn your trust and keep your business for the long term. No single company or policy is best for everyone, and we are pleased to be able to have a variety of companies to choose from as your needs, budget and goals change. We are proud to be providing service to a 2nd and now even 3rd generation of our original clients. We treat you like family!

Agent Tara LaGoy

Tara moved to Texas from Wyoming in 1981 and has been an insurance agent for over 31 years in the Spring area. She is now established as an independent agent after having been with one of the large companies for many years. Tara loves being part of her community and helping local families with their insurance through multiple generations. As a small business owner, she also likes helping other small business with their insurance as well.

CSR Mary McBride

Mary has been a fixture at the Tara LaGoy Insurance Agency since 1993, and has tons of experience helping customers find answers and providing stellar customer service. Mary loves a challenge and if there is a question she can't answer, she won't rest until she figures it out. She is the go-to lady at the office - you'll be glad to have her on your team!